CC Cream

Most are truly familiar with BB cream but there’s another company that is making its way in the market and the repetitive letter in the alphabet as its name become more common. CC means a color correction is a cosmetic product with a creamy formulation, usually lighter in texture than foundation. The purpose of this product is to even out facial skin tone. CC creams are great for camouflaging redness and sunspots but provide less overall coverage. Using CC cream provides multi-benefit as it acts like a primer, protects, conceals and moisturize skin to save you time applying and money buying different products.

Skin Primer

The CC creams unique formula, with its skin brightening properties, aids on even out the skin base by refining pores and reducing redness and pigmentation.

Moisturizing Ability

CC Cream provides 24-hour moisture on the skin making it radiant, firm, plump and hydrated and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Protection

CC cream provides a mild sunscreen to protect skin against UV rays as it also contains natural sunscreen. As a bonus, to keep skin clear of free radical damage, CC cream also has antioxidant properties.

Concealer Properties

CC cream corrects and conceals skin blemishes to give you proper color pigmentation on your skin and well, a flawless base with its natural mineral pigments.


Proper Application

It is recommended to use a beauty blender makeup sponge for an even application of CC cream because it can be tricky. CC cream is a moldable formula, an essential tool for areas that need more correcting. While still having an even finish, using a beauty blender allows you to build the product. You can always use your fingers if you don’t have a makeup sponge. When applying CC cream, get a small amount and dot it on the face areas including cheeks, chin, and forehead. For maximum coverage, blend over the face using a patting motion.