Historical Makeup

It is generally known and accepted that the first women who used makeup were the ancient Egyptians. This isn’t proven, however, but historical artifacts show the women during that time wore makeup. Did women wear makeup before then? It’s highly likely, even though we cannot be sure unless some new discoveries are made.

Why did the ancient Egyptian women wear makeup? Were their motives the same as the motives of so many women today? Historians argue that the answer is yes. The reason is simply to improve one’s appearance. This is something both men and women strive to do, even if they do it in different ways. Most men don’t wear makeup! Instead, men generally try to improve their appearance by exercising and eating better. Notice I didn’t say healthy, but I think the word here is the men strive to eat better.

In ancient Egypt, women were not able to shop for makeup at a store like Ulta. No, they had to acquire their makeup a different way. This means in part that they sometimes had to make the makeup themselves. This would require knowledge passed down from mother to daughter and downwards throughout subsequent generations.

Malachite and galena were some ores that the women would grind together. This played a part in forming a substance that became appealing when applied to the face of so many women.

Another interesting thing to note is that many of the things ancient Egyptians did were religious in nature. This fact can be applied to their makeup. The women at the time believed makeup granted them the protection of the gods. Women today don’t believe such things.

Makeup played a role in women’s lives in ancient times. It currently plays a role and it will continue to do so in the future. People will always continue to elevate their appearance. We can thank for ancient Egyptians for getting a head start on the process.