Is Makeup Effective?

At times, I wonder if makeup is effective. I suppose you can say the application of makeup is an art, not a science. People view beauty differently. Some people think thick eyeliner is attractive. Some people think no eyeliner is attractive. I suppose the question would also regard what is the goal of the girl.

If the girl wants to look attractive, perhaps she will use an ample amount of makeup. I don’t mean that she will cake it on her face. I mean that she will use many different types of makeup. She may use lipstick. She may also use eyeliner. Maybe she’ll put some blush on. She may make her eyelashes longer and/or do something with her eyebrows.

Different guys are attracted to different kinds of makeup. Also, makeup looks different on different girls. How confusing! This is why I called the application of makeup an art, not a science. There really is no way of knowing how effective a certain type of makeup is. Maybe it’s a good idea to experiment with different kinds of makeup. I think girls already do this!

The market for makeup will always be there. Stores such as Ulta and Sephora specialize in makeup products. When I’ve driven or walked past these stores, I’ve noticed that they are always crowded. They even have these types of stores in the mall. Some independent kiosks also exist. The makeup artist will try different types of makeup to see what they think looks good on the girl. If the girl agrees, they may purchase some makeup products.

As a guy, I don’t have the issue of wondering what type of makeup might be good for me. However, I can assist in telling girls what types of makeup I like them. Perhaps hearing it right from a guy might carry more weight than normal.