Make Up: The Importance of Natural Beauty

Applying makeup is an art – it requires research, skill, and passion to achieve the looks that individuals desire. Makeup artists around the world create looks that require different products, for example, different eyeshadow palettes, different color/brand lipsticks, or different application brushes. Like other art mediums, there is a multitude of products to choose from, so makeup artists always have something new to try. There is a big community of makeup enthusiasts who try out these different products and create reviews for them online, allowing other enthusiasts to determine if they want to try the products as well. With these different products, there are a plethora of different colors and formulas that people can choose from. Choosing a product color depends largely on what a person is looking for. Choosing a color for foundation depends on the wearer’s skin color – typically, people want their foundation to match their natural skin color so that their makeup looks natural.

Choosing a color for contour depends mostly on skin color as well. Choosing a color for lipstick depends partly on skin color but also on what look the person wants to achieve. Choosing a color for eyeshadow depends mostly on the desired look. These are just the basics though – other products may be necessary for a makeup wearer to look the way that they want to. Each product has its own unique formula depending on the manufacturer who makes them, so this is another factor that makeup wearers need to take into consideration. Everyone has a different skin type so choosing a product with right formula is important. If someone’s skin is too oily, they would want to find products that won’t wear off with the natural oils and products that won’t add to the oils already present. If someone’s skin is too dry, they would want to find products that help moisturize their skin rather than dry it out more. Also, makeup wearers want to find products that are long-lasting. No one wants to put on makeup just to have it wear off throughout the day. Lipsticks that withstand drinks and oily foods, foundations/powders/eyeshadows that won’t sweat or rub off, mascaras and eyeliners that won’t run down from rain, sweat, or tears are all preferable to the wearer.